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Dany Returns is a member who has been on the site since July 2011. His most played level is Ghost Segway Rider with about 156,000 plays.

First LevelsEdit

His first level, titled Zombies Pt. 1, lifted him to sucsess. He used joints to make models of zombies instead of just NPCs, and the level got about 5,000 plays in less than 12 hours.

In the same day, he made a Baby NPC, which got about 5,000 plays. He is the only user to have 2 levels with more than 5000 plays in the same day.

He then continued with museums, a space station, sports levels and a jungle.

His Rise to FameEdit

He made a Sonic the Hedgehog level which got 30400 plays in November of 2011. He than made numerous levels: a zoo, a Batman bike (with help from PhysX), Donkey Kong and his most played level, Ghost Segway Rider.