Huge HandEdit

The School 2

A portion of Huge Hand's face seen in The School.

Huge Hand is a well- known Happy Wheels player. He joined May 4, 2011. He often releases a demo version of his next level before posting the full version. His only finished level yet is The School..

He began releasing levels in February 2012. Before that he was just a player. Ironically enough, this is about a year after flatis retired.

Levels KnownEdit

-The School

-The Outdoors

-The Shop

-The Outdoors 2

-The Kitchen

-Shrunken Adventure

-The Basement (Demo released, soon out)

-The School 2 (Working on it, unreleased)

-The Bedroom (Working on it, unreleased)

-The Library (Unconfirmed)

-Unknown vehicle level (Unconfirmed)


-Most of his levels begin with 'The'

-Always releases a demo.

-Makes levels very similiar to flatis , like a huge room.

-His favourite user is flatis and kirbypwnage .

-All humans in his levels are completely hand- drawn.

-He loves to put nature and humans alongside each other because of the big size difference. Humans are always a lot bigger.

-He seems to like using ants in his levels

-If you can jump or fly high enough in a level including a boy with a red shirt, you may see the face of the boy. If the boy has dark brown hair that is pointed at the front and has dark blue eyes, it is actually Huge Hand himself. He used himself in the levels.

-He always puts "HH" at the end of the author comments.