Kirbypwnage Edit

kirbypwnage is a known Happy Wheels player. He joined totaljerkface March 27, 2011. His most played level yet is Haunted Mansion 2. He lives in Norway. One of the 4th admin in TotalJerkFace preceded by Fatality14.

Popular Levels (Plays)Edit

Haunted Mansion 2 (Featured) War of The Worlds (215,000)

Television Truck (141,000)

The Assasin (105,000)

The Time Machine p.2 (102,000)

The Haunted Mansion (78,000)
Screenshot 1

War of The Worlds.

Fat Man Escape! 2 (75,000)

The Assassin 2 (64,000)

Batmans normal day (18,000)

Vacation Island (16,000)

Canyon Shopping (16,000)

The Dark Forest (12,000)


-His most played level is War of The Worlds.

-Often called simply 'Kirby.'

-None of his levels have a rating under 3.13.

-None of his levels have a play count of under 1200 plays, with the exception of The Hobo Gang, which is a test for moving NPCs.

-His favorite levels are Car Thief and Pokemon Training.

-His favorite author is IAMURHUSBAND.

-His favorite characters are Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad and Lawnmower Man.