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LWPeterson ( ) is a level maker on Total Jerkface. He has made over 200 levels and has been playing for over two years. His user ranking is 1108.8342. But this is subject to change because he is still making levels. His most played level is "Happy Halloweeeeeen!" with 39,000 plays. His best rated level is also Happy Halloweeeeen! with a rating of 4.93 stars with 96 votes.  He got his name put in two levels:

  • Thanks nova
  • Santa bad story part 16

He is also known for his skill. He has done many famous things:

  • Beat the Legacy of Quezal twice, as very few people can do this.
    Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.15.16 PM

    A Happy Wheels creation of Irresponsible Dad made in the level editor.

  • The very fastest person to beat Rouge Commander.
  • Beat both featured levels in the Dark Souls series.
  • Third fastest person to beat WeirdFrozenCavern1.1






Best Levels Wiki (Make a page about your best levels):

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.23.56 AM

The tank from one of his speed drawings.


  • He uses a Mac, so very few people view his replays accuratly.
  • The level "Slender man's dre" was supposed to be "Slender man's dream", but a glitch occured only making the title "Slender man's dre" visable.


  • 3D land.
  • Rope Swings DELUXE.
  • -Helicopter Course-
  • The Haunted Factory car.
  • Table Races!
  • Another scene from The Haunted Factory. This image was used for one of his youtube thumbnails.
  • The boss in Slender man's dre.