"Wow, I never thought of that..." is what he said when he saw his best level, -=SPEED JETPACK=-, to reach 100,000 plays. He is Super cj1, another Happy Wheels player. He lives in Greece, in Southeast Europe.

As you saw here, -=SPEED JETPACK=- is his best course, with 200,000+ plays.

The list of Super cj1's levels (from play count order) Edit

The series continues with some unoriginal and failed levels (only 2,000-3,000 plays), such as 100% impossible!.

The list of Super cj1's upcoming levels Edit

  • The Solar System 1.0.
  • Frozen Cave 1.0.
  • Kindapped in Night!
  • Explore Earth!
  • Grid Autosport.
  • Police Officer!
  • The big race!
  • The Run.
  • The Storm

A note from Super cj1 Edit

Here I am! My note is: Thank you A LOT, and I mean it, A LOT, for playing my levels. I didn't imagine that I would make a level that reaches 100,000 plays. That is still hard to achieve. To make a popular level, you need to:

  • Put a lot of effort in your levels.
  • Make them detailed as enough
  • Make them extremely difficult, so it must be challenging
  • You should make them so that everyone who play and loses in it, he might want to restart.

Thanks for noticing. Stay awesome, love you.

Trivia Edit

  • Super cj1 wants people to call him CrazyJohn, not with his TJF account name.
  • His upcoming levels are all creative. The Run, Grid Autosport and Police Officer! have extremely detailed cars.