The Assassin series is a couple of levels made by kirbypwnage . The first level has about 100,000 plays and the second level has about 60,000. Your name is Lawnmower Auditore da Firenze, which is a reference to Assassins Creed.

The Assassin

Assassins creed.


In the first level you start off in a forest at night. There is an Irresponsible Dad NPC in the tree right behind you.

He says that you must go and kill them for him. In the level description it says the names of the people you are supposed to kill.

The Assassin 2Edit

Unlike the first level you get to know who your supposed to kill in the level. This level has a very updated look in comparison from the first one.


-kirbypwnage's most popular series

-It will be a third level.