The Shop 1

Crushed under Huge Hand's foot..

The Shop 2

Stuck in the pocket of a girl for a possible part 2

The Shop 3

The first sign of a girl's face in any of Huge Hand's levels.

The Shop is a level made by Huge Hand. It takes place in a shop, as the name suggests. It has 12,000 plays with a rating of 3.98 stars with over 200 votes.


You start off at the arm of someone working in the shop. It will give you some start speed because it is slightly angled. Then you bike over some coins and a coin-counter. At the other side of the counter is a blue can that says 'Coca Cola' You are supposed to push the can down from the desk and into the hand of a boy. While doing this, you must dodge the coins the boy is paying with. Then you go over his arm and shoulder. From there you can go 4 different paths.

Top PathEdit